Jump Over Speeding Car
Stupid Stickman - Jump Over Speeding Car, DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!!!
How to play?
Touch screen, let stickman jump over moving cars, no one dies.
Sorting Books
Didn’t you move your books for a long time? Looking them! Don’t forget them! It’s time to arrange them! Although it looks a mess, in fact, they are have rules to follow, numbers, letters, patterns, colors, are the clues. Game in a soothing rhythm to make you completely relax, you‘ll feel very good! Let’s do it now!
Drift Bottle
This app is pretty simple and interesting. You just need to write down a message and put into the bottle and threw it into the sea. Thus, someone in a country will pick up your bottle and write back to you. Even more interesting is that you can send not only text messages but also photos, hand-drawn images as well as mystery bottles with gorgeous effects. Each time wandering by the sea, you may have a chance to pick up a drift bottle from somewhere, which may be the beginning of a friendship and love. This application will always bring you surprise and expectation.
Photo in Word
Any combination of photos and words. Make a personalized image to express your feelings! Photo in Word is a simple tool for artists and visual people. Just write a word and choose a photo (from your album or take a photo), will make the photo and word perfect blend. You can scale, rotate, move any elements. You're only limited by your imagination!
Hit Flying Birds
Recently, too many birds fly in the sky, we must take emergency measures! Please tell the people around you: “Take out your cellphone, SHOOT THEM DOWN!”
Finger Cycling
Just like the individual time-trial in road bicycle racing, in this game, you need to finish riding through all stages in the shortest time. Similar to real race, you will encounter flatland stage and mountain stage, so it’s not easy to finish the race smoothly. As the game imitates realistic physical properties, riding up the mountain will be exhausting, while riding down the mountain will be easy and joyful. You have to control the speed and balance the physical consumption with brake, speed changer and crankset. In this game, you have to drive the bicycle forward by tap or rotating the crankset with fingers, just like real riding, you can switch over your left and right hands or clockwise and anti clockwise rotation among the game options to conform to your own operation habit. The game supports Game Center. Come on and engage in the contest to see who is faster.
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